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Saziba – a bridge between reputable international companies and industry activists

We are committed to promoting people's lives by improving their experiences.

The Saziba Group of Companies started its activities in 1998 with the aim of creating a bridge between reputable international companies and industrial activists in order to combine global knowledge and provide novel localized solutions in various industries. With more than two decades of activity in various fields with the supply of raw materials, specialized machinery and related technical knowledge, the Saziba group of companies have been able to take an effective step towards serving manufacturers and providing growth and performance optimization for various industries.

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ما خود را در قبال ارتقای زندگی افراد با بهبود بخشيدن تجربه های آنان متعهد میدانيم.

با ماهیتی پویا و جستجوگر، تیم ما به دنبال یافتن راههایی برای ایجاد تمایز است؛ در هر جایی که ممکن باشد.


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