About Saziba

The activity of Saziba has deep roots in the history of contemporary Iranian trade. Saziba has inherited the legacy of its predecessors, entrepreneurs who expanded their business in the progressive country of Iran, despite all the challenges and difficulties of family loss and market fluctuations. Saziba is based on ethical principles and knowledge originated from the efforts of past generations of entrepreneurs, who had their own thriving business and influential industrial connections. The founders of Saziba have benefited from the presence of families such as Sadat Tehrani and Amid Hozour.

Intellectual philosophy

We are committed to promoting people’s lives by improving their experiences. With a desire to go beyond our current achievements, we share our expertise and motivation and set new goals for ourselves and our customers to help improve the life quality. Our common values in the directions of excellence, growth and work honesty have always been the headline of our performance in the recent years and have led to the establishment of many relationships between different departments and service provision to the ever-growing business of our customers. Equipped with a dynamic and searching nature, our team is searching for ways to differentiate wherever possible.


As well-known industrialists, the Sadat Tehrani family developed their business by creating famous brands, such as Pars Tricot and Starlight, thereby establishing a reputation as economic consultants in the private and public sectors. Amid Hozour’s family initially ran a successful business in the shoe industry and then managed to enter some global markets, which facilitated the group’s entry into the textile and leather markets, as well as the banking industry.
This ancient and prestigious history, family heritage and its entrepreneurial values are intertwined with the preparation of the next generations of Sadat Tehrani and Amid Hozour families. Throughout this history, the Sadat Tehrani’s family, from Seyed Jalal to Rokn al-Din, has achieved sustainable business growth based on the motto “a relationship based on love and respect for employees and learning clients”. The sons of Amid Hazour, named Amir and Mansour, were able to develop their family business by relying on the principles of their father’s business and his teachings, which reflected the values of the Sadat Tehrani’s family.


Active presence in the fields of supply and production of food raw materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and various disinfectants in order to help improve public health.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a leading provider and manufacturer of high-quality raw materials and ready-to-use goods and technical service to food, cosmetics, home, personal care, health and pharmaceutical products; also, being known as a company that puts the welfare and comfort of others first. Relying on our trusted partners, we strive to value the interests of our shareholders by employing active teams, building strategic alliances and participatory management. We run our business with honesty and truth and we are dignified, respectful and loyal to each other.

Our values

Sense of Ownership:

 Take action and do not wait for others for change and creating positive results. In order to achieve results and make an impact, think and act as if we are the owners of the business. Take responsibility for doing the work and be accountable to others and ourselves for the results.
Ethical Cohesion: Have a transparent relationship at the right time and place, planned if necessary, away from personal bias with individuals or organizations. Considering a high level of moral and customary standard for ourselves as we expect from others; and in our reports and speeches, we reflect all aspects of reality with a realistic view. Considering organizational, national and international laws and frameworks, have a compatible and ethical practice in our speech and behavior.


Have clear communication at the right time and place, and planned if need be, without personal bias with against individuals or organization .Considering the high level of moral and customary standard for ourselves, as we expect from the others, and be a reflection of all aspects of reality with a realistic prospect at our reports and speeches. Have a compliant and ethical performance and speech considering organizational, national and international frameworks and laws.


Respect and acceptance of differences in all aspects of thought and belief, physical and mental abilities, race and gender. Equal interactive approach with all people in the organization regardless of their organizational status. Establish the correct flow of information within the organization with respect to the organizational hierarchy.
Purposeful Collaboration: Collaborate effectively to achieve common goals and prioritize team goals. To achieve outstanding results, support each other, strengthen the capabilities of each team member, and use them. Make effort to create conditions for offering and receiving feedback in order to promote a positive culture of teamwork.


Work together effectively to achieve shared goals and put the team priority on top. Support and boost the capabilities of all team members to deliver outstanding result. Trying to provide a giving and receiving feedback atmosphere to promote positive team work culture.

Constant Improvement:

Strategic thinking in planning and prioritizing affairs, setting performance and behavioral goals, and constantly reviewing and updating them, learning from failures, and recovering from them as quickly as possible. Accepting and accompanying changes and helping to implement new ideas (technology, working methods, organizational structure, etc.)
Drive for Result: Focusing on the process that helps achieve the most effective result at the right time thoroughly. Set goals that are clear, measurable, achievable, realistic, and in a timely manner, and constantly monitor their progress. Provide a common and clear understanding of the expected results for others and ourselves.

Drive For Result

Focus on the process which deliver the most effective outcome on time and in full.To set SMART objectives and constantly chase the progress to achieve the results. Providing a clear shared understanding of expected results for ourselves and others.