Saziba Business Units


This Business Unit is active in the field of preparing raw materials and providing technical support in the food industry in the Iranian market and has been created with the aim of supplying and producing flavorings, enzymes, preservatives, dietary vitamins and increasing the nutritional value of products such as meat and protein products, snacks, sauces and salad dressings, beverages, dairy products, breads, confectionery and chocolate products, frozen and ready-to-cook foods.


Care products have a long history of producing products with the highest quality and the most advanced technologies at the most reasonable prices. Our R&D department allows you to develop products as quickly as possible. Our consumer products allow you to add your desired features to the product in a way that is approved by the consumer.


Due to the prevalence of epidemic diseases in the society and the need to pay more attention to health issues and the emphasize to the importance of infection control, the Saziba Group of Companies, with the help of global technical knowledge, has been producing its disinfectant solutions since 2005 under the brand names of Microzed and Microzoda. These products are produced using high-quality raw materials from the most well-known suppliers in the world and the global knowledge by Iranian experts and are provided to consumers in the medical, industrial, veterinary and general-household sectors.


Pharmaceutical products are one of the main components in modern and industrial medicine industry. It is essential that such products are safe, effective and made of quality materials and are prescribed and consumed in the right amount.

Training and support services

The International Précon Company is a consulting and training company that has started its activity in the Netherlands since 1993. This company collaborates with the aim of “quality for a better future” with the largest food industry companies in different countries in the field of food quality and safety, improving and stabilizing production line processes and support throughout the supply chain and …