Our History

The Story

OUR STORY: Firmly rooted in Iran’s contemporary business history, Saziba inherits the legacy of its forefathers – entrepreneurs who developed their businesses against all challenges despite the hardship associated with family loss and the market fluctuations of the time in a fast-modernizing Iranian economy.

OUR HISTORY: Built on the ethics and knowledge bred through generations of entrepreneurs with deep business and industrial relations, Saziba’s founders hail from the sought-after Sadat Tehrani and Amid Hozour families.

Industrialists, the Sadat Tehrani family grew its business into the well-known Pars-Tricot and Starlight brands earning them a name as credible economic advisors to government and the private sector.

The Amid Hozour family managed a successful business as manufacturers of footwear whose business expanded to some global markets facilitating the group’s diversification into textile and leather production, as well as the banking industry.


Throughout this prestigious history, family heritage and entrepreneurship values were intertwined in preparing of the Sadat Tehrani and Amid Hozour next generations.

The Sadat Tehrani family, from Sayyed Jalal to Roknoddin, achieved business growth based on a deep-rooted motto of employee and client respect with love and passion for learning.

Founded by Amid Hozour senior, sons Amir and Mansour were able to expand the family business activities by following in their father’s example of principled business teachings mirroring the values of Sadat Tehrani’s reputation.

Today, Saziba has grown out of the mindset of its founders-seeking to provide its customers,
clients, partners, associates and employees with memorable experiences for a quality life
through employing only the best business practices.