Précon Iran

Précon is a leading consultancy and training practice company that operates in the international food supply chain and food industry Established on 1993 Main office in Bunnik, The Netherlands with 73 professionals. In 1993, the consultancy Précon established. The focus was on cleanliness, order and cleanliness (HON) in particular food business.

Quality, food safety, sustainability and support in the whole food supply chain for ‘tomorrows’ best’ and healthier society. For customers, who aim at the best for their customers. That is our ultimate goal. It is our objective to support customers driving their business to excel. How? By identifying and resolving an issue together and looking for the best possible solution. Then we marry the right solution with the required service and expertise. From consultancy to training and outsourcing. But also allocating an interim professional on the spot is an option. Especially when skilled expertise or capacity is needed ad interim. While selecting the team, full attention is given to match and mirror your corporate culture, because we believe that the personal ‘click’ determines the success. Optimal performance starts with ourselves. Therefore, we invest to provide you with the best advice. By charging consultants and interim professionals with demanding projects, but also by allowing room for personal development. Annually we are audited for quality certification. We invest in personal development. And we treat customers like we want to be treated ourselves. Integer, flexible, fair and focused on achieving the required goals. Evidence comes from our loyal customer base; we repeatedly are invited for challenging projects. in the international food supply chain and feed industry. We realize projects for:

  • (Semi) Governmental organizations
  • Food – and feed manufacturers
  • Retail industry
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Corporate and logistics services
  • Both national and international projects are coordinated from the office in Holland.


3rd Floor, No 38, Golfam Street, Nelson Mandela Blvd.
Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 21 22011030
Fax: +98 21 24507111