Saziba Group of Companies founded its advanced disinfectant production line with the band of Microzed in 2005. Microzed disinfectants are produced with the latest formulation and are equipped with synergistic biocide composition effect which help to prevent distribution of microbial infections, controlling pathogenic factors and protecting micro organism resistance against disinfectants and anti-biotic. These products can be used in different fields like hospitals, dentistry, veterinary and ….

In the processing of these products, the latest global formulations were used and all products were under “good manufacturing practice”. The wide spectrum of effects on variety of microorganisms, with the least environmental impact, is another characteristics aspect of the company’s products. Because of using different types of disinfectants in our products, they can be used in all medical and dental facilities.

Types of Microzed’s Disinfections:

  • Industrial Disinfectants
  • Hospitality Disinfectants
  • Dentistry Disinfectants
  • Veterinary Disinfectants