Donya e Saziba e Pouya

By enforcing experienced internal staff and foreign advisers we obligate ourself to bring progress and development to internal industries. DSP’s Services includes providing raw material for cosmetic and beauty products, delivering the latest technical services and formulation from the top global brands which made us one of the top companies locally.

DSP as the oldest member of Saziba group of companies, has always been determined to develop and make progress to domestic industries by taking advantage of young and active working forces alongside experienced internal and foreign forces. By relying on presenting services and premium quality products, including raw materials, latest technical inventions, formulation and information about the brand new products from all around the world, we have elevated our place among the companies in producing field.DSP is very active in providing raw materials for cosmetic products. By being exclusive partner with the biggest well-known companies, we have been able to deliver products and services including providing raw materials and technical support to our customers.

Our Suppliers